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Get the good night's sleep you both need



Choose the package that works best for you


  • 2 weeks of support via email and/or Voxer during business hours

  • 60 min consultation

  • Custom sleep plan




  • 3 weeks of support via Voxer during business hours

  • 60 min consultation

  • 3, 30-min calls

  • More support on the first 3 nights 

  • Custom sleep plan



  • 3 weeks of support via Voxer during business hours

  • Daily text support until 9 pm

  • 4 calls plus education on bumps along your sleep journey

  • Custom sleep plan



Choose any add-ons that will help support you and your family

Overnight Stork Visits

Need Dayna to see in-person what is happening in. your home at night or to help you get your customized plan started?

Instant Messaging Support

Dayna will provide instant text message support during business hours (Add-On 1) or overnight (Add-On 2)

Add On Another Child (Same Age)

Got twins? This add-on will allow you to create a plan for both children with their respective needs in mind.


Add On An Extra Week

Most of our plans cover 2-3 weeks of support, but if that's not long enough, add on another full week of support!

Refresher Course

If it's been a while and you need a little refresher on what you learned, this is the course for you!


Schedule Your Support Call With Dayna to get your sleep plan started

Once you decide on your package and any add-ons, it's time to schedule your Consultation Call with Dayna and get your child's sleep plan going!


Enjoy some much-needed rest!



Hi! I'm Dayna, your Certified Pediatric Sleep Specialist.

I am a mom of 2 beautiful boys and I have a passion for helping others get that much-needed and well-deserved rest that we often miss once our precious bundles of joy arrive!

I built my career working with children from teaching swimming lessons to running an aquatic/recreation department and loved every moment of it. It wasn’t until I had kids of my own that I realized how common it was to worry about whether or not they were getting the rest they needed. Because of this worry, and because I didn't know whom to turn to, none of us were getting any sleep!


This led to other issues like a grumpy baby, a defeated momma, relationship struggles, and a household that was being held together by strings. Once we started a sleep program, everything changed for the better! We became a happier family, healthier parents for our children, we all had more energy, and our household started functioning again.


I knew (once I got some sleep) that I needed to help others just like me!

If sounds anything like you or if you are now a "4th cup of coffee today" kind of parent, you have come to the right place! I can’t wait to meet you, your sweet child, and start this new, restful journey together!

About Dayna

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