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by Marie Despeyroux, sleeping baby. Stork Sleep Consulting

Get the good night's
sleep you both need

With all the challenges we face in life, getting a good nights sleep shouldn't be one of them. We offer free consultations and customized comprehensive sleep packages that you can trust ! It doesn't matter where you live or where you are from we will help you. 


Hi! I'm Dayna,

I am a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

I am a mom of 2 boys and have a passion for helping others get that much needed and well deserved rest we all need!
 I have built my career working with children from teaching swimming lessons to running an Aquatic/Recreation Department and have loved every moment of it. It wasn’t until I had kids of my own that I realized if I was having troubles I am sure everyone else was too. The number one problem was none of us were getting any sleep! This led to other issues like a grumpy baby, defeated momma, relationship struggles and a household that was being held together by strings. Once we started a sleep program everything changed dramatically! We were a happier family, healthier parents for our children, we all had more energy and a functioning household. I knew I needed to help others just like me.

So if the above sounds anything like you, or you are now a ‘4th cup of coffee today’ kind of person you are in the right place! Can’t wait to meet you and start this new journey together!

Stork Sleep Consulting 

All packages are customized to your family needs. Select a Free Consultation to get started!

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'If You Really Love Me, Let Me Sleep'

Sleep Packages

Before the Stork

Before baby’s arrival

A great option for parents wanting to start learning about healthy sleep methods before the arrival of their baby!
Evaluation/45 minute home, video or phone consultation/Newborn Sleep Plan/Sleep support for the first week baby is home/Facebook Support Group


After the Stork: Newborn

0-12 weeks

It’s never too early for baby to start learning how to sleep. With education and guidance, you will have all the tools needed to get baby to sleep with ease.
Evaluation/60 minute in person,video or phone consultation/Sleep Plan /2 weeks of email support/3 30 min scheduled phone calls/Facebook Support Group


The Storks Nest

3 Months – 18 Month

Baby and family need to sleep! This package gives the whole family some much needed rest. We create healthy sleep habits and start baby on a smooth transition to sleeping soundly independently. They will learn skills that will allow them to rest properly and go to sleep easily day or night.
Evaluation/60 minute in person, video or phone consultation/Sleep Plan/ 2 weeks of email support/3 30 min scheduled phone calls/Facebook Support Group


Sleepy Stork

18 Months – 3 Years

Toddlers can be challenging, and having a sleepy toddler can be even harder. Dayna will help you get your little one sleeping on their own, teaching them healthy lifelong sleep habits and turn them into happy sleepers.
Evaluation/90 Min in person video or phone Consultation/Sleep Plan/3 weeks of email support/3 30 min scheduled phone calls/Facebook Support Group


Storks Buddies

3 Years – 10 Years

For children that are having troubles with bedtime. Issues waking up at night or not going to bed. Dayna will give support to help parents and guardians with a customized plan based on the child’s needs.
Evaluation/90 Min in person video or phone Consultation/Sleep Plan/3 weeks of email support/3 30 min scheduled phone calls/Facebook Support Group


Overnight Stork Visits

Additional with all packages purchased

Dayna will arrive 1 hour prior to bed-time and help with routine. She will help with overnight support and guidance to follow the customized plan we will set out for your little one.

*Subject to availability and travel time
Covid practices will be followed


Half the night


All night + Travel

Add On Instant Message

Let us customize your plan! 

Instant text message support 

During business hours


per week

Add On Same Age Extra Child

Let us customize your plan! 

Same age extra child (twin, blended family)


Each child

Add On Extra Week

Let us customize your plan! 

Extra week of support 


per week

Add On Overnight Texting

Let us customize your plan! 

Overnight text message support

Ask For Details

Add On A Refresher

Let us customize your plan! 

For clients that have already done a program through Dayna! A reminder of the program and/or a customized plan based on the current child’s needs!


Give the Gift of Sleep

Gift cards for your favorite sleep package!

For anyone that wants to give the gift of sleep for Christmas.
The best gift for a family - REST

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